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  • Internet Connectivity in Kenya

    Posted on February 1, 2012 by admin in Blog Posts.

    Internet Access in Kenya! All i can say is woow! Now one can access internet almost everywhere in Kenya.

    About one decade ago, i used to work for an internet service provider. One day, a client called inquiring on how he could get internet connection in Lokichogio, North Eastern, Kenya. Huh! we developed a VSAT (A satellite based connectivity) proposal that run into initial half a million Kenya shillings and a monthly subscription of one hundred thousand. The solution was to provide connectivity of upto 265kbps. That was 10 years ago. In nairobi, my client were connecting to internet at the same speed for an intial price of one hundred thousand and monthly price of Kshs. 35,000.

    TODAY! the person who acquired a one-computer connection in Lokichogio for half a million can access internet five times faster through a GSM modem costing Kshs 2000 and a monthly bundle of Kshs 1000. Quite a change. In Nairobi, you could access fiber optic speed of about 100mbps at Kshs 1000 per month.

    Internet connectivity have eased. Some of the health facilities in main urban areas are connected to fiber optic. Most of them can be served by an equally efficient wireless connectivity referred to as WIMAX. For those others in rural areas, they can access internet through their GSM phones or modems.

    The number of people accessing internet in Kenya has shot. From a few thousands a decade ago to couple of millions. Most of the internet users are using mobile. For PC browsers, most of them are doing it from their work places and cyber cafes. Internet at home has also become popular with many people having desktops at home and laptops on the move and connecting using GSM modems.

    What i can say is that internet rocks in Kenya. I can say its accessible and mnnn…. affordable. I can’t wait when we will be paying for bundles of voice, data and video at kshs. 500 per month. That moment is just round the corner.

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